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2019.02.07. | Brussels

Java Developer - 3887

Job Description
DIGIT TM - Technical Annex for Time & Means services
Category 3 - Technology Expert Maximum Level 4
Sygma, Audex and Compass are the projects to build a System for Grant Management for the whole Research Family in order to support the operations of the Horizon 2020 framework program, along with extension to new programs, with the purpose to become the corporate Commission e-Grants solution.
The eGrants - Audex project needs, during the evolution and support phases, the services of a Technology Expert (Maximum level 4) with an extensive experience in Analysis, development and support of complex applications build on Java (JEE), Spring and Oracle database.
The preferred candidate should be an expert in software Analysis and software Design tasks using both Java and Oracle technologies. Has the capacity to identify and re-solve issues both at the database and at the Java application parts of the application. Participate in analysis meetings with the business users, draft the requirement documents and propose sound implementation solutions.
 Perform design, integration testing and maintenance of software that both follow the reference architecture rules and accurately implement the specifications received in the documents of analysis provided by the business analysts of the project;
 Good capacity to perform complex operations at database level, have the ability to work with complex large scale databases and can design and support and
 Provision of advice and assistance in any area associated with the procurement, provision, delivery, maintenance, deployment, hosting, effective use of information systems and their environments.
 Provision of quality plans, service level agreements, quality control and evaluation, quality assessments or other quality matters associated with information systems projects.
 Management of quality tests.
 Assistance and support to information system developers
 Provision of security studies, security assessments or other security matters associated with information system projects.
 Functional requirements and business case analysis.
 Provision of technical studies, technical expertise, technical evaluations in relation with information systems.
 Depending on the circumstances, the expert may be requested to provide assistance or support in the resolution of production issues.
2/2 DIGITTM-003887
Knowledge and skills
 In depth knowledge of information systems analysis and design.
 In depth knowledge in relational databases management preferably Oracle.
 In depth experience of JAVA (JEE) technology.
 In depth experience of software development methodologies (e.g. RUP).
 In depth knowledge in IT consulting matters.
 Good experience in abstract thinking, reusable components design and
 Experience with Message Oriented Middleware/Enterprise Service Bus
 Experience with micro services and RESTful paradigms;
 Experience with modern UI paradigms (client-side scripting)
 Capacity in preparing and writing studies.
 Ability to apply high quality standards.
 Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, excellent communicator.
 Capability of working in an international/ multicultural environment.
 Fluency (written and oral) in English and ability to follow conversation, meetings
and read documents in French and/or English.
The Commission draws the contractor’s attention to the contractual provisions on
The Commission reserves the right:
- To proceed to security screenings of any individuals proposed, prior to the
signature of any specific contract;
- To require any individual to attend security briefings or training, and/or to sign a
security statement, after the signature of a specific contract.

Laszlo Urban

+36 70 626 3478