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2019.07.29. | Budapest

Business Change Management S2C Solution

Job Description

Change management scope

The expectation is to manage the process change throughout the organization including necessary trainings and communication. Change management means activities involved in defining and installing new values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors within the organization that support new ways of doing work and overcome resistance to change; building consensus among users and stakeholders on specific changes designed to better meet their needs; and planning, testing, and implementing all aspects of the transition from one organizational structure or business process to another.


The expected delivery is to develop a planned approach to the changes in the organization. The objective is to maximize the collective efforts of all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the changes related to the Ariba systems implementation.


Dedicated team is expected to be managed delivering continues evaluation and control over the changes applied and immediate reactions are expected in case of resistance and/or denial of the change.


Business changes are mainly expected in the areas where the future (To-Be) business operations will be changed to the current (As-Is) business operations.


Changes impacting business operations will be identified as change impacts with actions assigned to them to manage Ariba Network and S2C Ariba Implementation. There will be an inevitable risk of resistance against the new S2C Solution and new ways of working, sticking to existing functionality and working style.


Supplier representative (involving the client dedicated change manager) should clearly define the change management plan and should be responsible for executing it. Effective change management will be critical for the success of the new S2C Solution.


Summary of key tasks:

  • Continuous senior management support
  • Clear communication of the end state and how that is fitting into the company strategy
  • Execution of aligned change management plan
  • Clear communication from project team during the whole project both formal and informal channels.
  • Constant monitoring of organization ‘mood’ and response if unfavorable changes experienced.
  • Engage suppliers early and define methodology to reward adoption of new ways of working.


  1. Tasks In Define stage:
  • Define change control methodology – process, roles, change log
  • Map Stakeholders of the project and engage them in the very beginning.
  • Map project audience on all levels and predict the impact of change for each group.
  • Create and convey initial communication on project and train project team how to communicate, align with them on feedback mechanism


  • Create the initial change management plan based on gathered information.
    • Change management plan should cover the following aspects: stakeholder evaluation; communication plan; resistance management- methodology of tracking the ‘mood’ within the organization regarding to change; addressing roadblocks identified; role mapping; testing plan; training plan; handover plan.
  1. Tasks in Implementation stage:
  • Create implementation problem assessment to get a picture on problems occurred in previous similar type projects. Based on result action plan to address concerns.
  • Monitor change resistance and address areas of concern.
  • Update and execute communication plan. Mix communication channels to get access to as wide audience as possible. Measure communication effectiveness where possible.
  • Ensure integration with available knowledge management structure.


Fixed term ( cc. 5 months )


    • Created change management plan including
      • operational process changes, regulation changes, training requirements, project communication (high level)
    • Perform Impact Assessment
    • Create and execute communication plan
    • Execute change management plan
    • Support supplier engagement

Ramóna Konkoly