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Junior Project Manager - German speaking

2021.11.29. | Budapest | Project Management
Our partner is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader. Their 130,000 employees, represented worldwide, deliver vital IT services through the power of modern technology in order to optimize business processes and ensure maximum business potential is reached across organizations.

MSI Responsibility:

  • To manage and control the service delivery of 9 German integrated Service Providers (iSP), focus on collaboration between the providers. 
  • The main goal of MSI is the integration and governance of integrated Service Providers to provide IT operations from a single source - controlled by a Service Integrator Process Tasks Responsible for the "SI Non-Standard Request Management" process. 

Responsible for:

  • The end-to-end coordination of cross-service provider non-standard service requests
  • During order processing, the SI supports and monitors the integrated service providers in their collaboration
  • Coordinates end-to-end cross-service provider non-standard service requests
  • Monitors the progress of the order processing by the integrated service provider
  • Supports process-related integrated service providers in the development of offers
  • Creates consolidated reports on the non-standard service requests
  • “Swivelling” of NSSR tickets between ServiceNow NSSR Modul and corresponding tickets in different integrated service provider’s workflow tools (opening tickets, updating tickets during the complete NSSR lifetime) In case of disputes or escalations, the SI coordinates and moderates between the integrated service providers. 

Governance Responsible for:

  • The organization of the SI Business Value & Service Operations process meeting in relation to the non-standard request management coordination process
  • Organizes and leads the SI requirements management and project meeting on tactical level reporting into board level
  • Shows the results of the periodic review of NSSR tickets regarding the agreed quality standards for NSSR logging by the integrated service provider
  • Discusses the summary of the NSSR trend analyzes and identification of improvement measures in the cross-service cooperation
  • Identifies and coordinates non-standard request management process improvement measures and recommendations in end-to-end collaboration 

Compliance Responsible for:

  • SI Non-Standard Request Management policies and procedures
  • Monitors compliance with SI Non-Standard Request Management guidelines and procedures across the integrated service providers.

Over-all skills Profound and comprehensive knowledge in: 

  • Non-standard service request management process
  • ServiceNow SIAM NSSR Modul (responsible to develop tool enhancements, responsible to ensure production readiness of customized NSSR functions for each upcoming ServiceNow new release)
  • ServiceNow data analysing and reporting knowledges
  • Different NSSR workflow tools of all integrated Service Providers (such as Jira tool), which are not working in ServiceNow

Language skills 

  • Fluently German language skills (written and spoken) – the contractual agreed communication must be done in German.

Part of MSI responsibility at is

  • To manage and control iSPs based on their individual German contracts – deep contract knowledge is a must
  • To own and maintain SI process documentation and SI service handbooks with each iSP, written in German
  • To chair Governance Meetings in German (providing presentations and minutes written in German),
  • To coordinate and manage escalation calls in German,
  • And furthermore communication (written and spoken) in German
  • ASAP starter 
  • NSSR experience
Employer's offer

Multi Supplier Integration (MSI) or Service Integration is a service concept for the comprehensive control of several Service Providers through a central coordination instance. The main goal of integration and governance in the account is to provide IT operations from a single source - controlled by  a service integrator. 

The service integration creates a comprehensive end-to-end view of the services of the various integrated Service Providers (iSP) that are part of IT operations, without burdening internal IT with additional control tasks. As part of its service integrator function, the Service Integrator (SI) will also monitor the mutual dependency of the services of the iSPs to ensure their interoperability, so that they work together in the interests of the overall system.