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Polish speaker for Junior Auditor role

2020.12.02. | Románia | Romania

SwiconGroup  is one of the leading members of the Hungarian IT arena for almost a decade, since 2017 present also in Romania. At our Budapest-based, creative company we are using industry standard methodologies and leading-edge technologies to deliver top-notch business solutions for our clients. Our main activities include outsourcing, headhunting and other HR services, along with creative application development and software operation. Our motto is innovation, novelty and responsibility. Our wide range of services and highly trained professionals give us the opportunity to shape our solutions to fully meet the ideas and wishes of our clients. We are proud to have leading banks, insurance and telecommunication companies, as well as large FMCG corporations and SSCs amongst our highly prestigious partners. SwiconGroup completed several product development projects in the past 5 years, worth 2 million euros, proving our proactive and innovative approach. We were granted 650.000 euros EU support for our product development projects. Thanks to the successful operation of our three branches, we are able to optimize our resources to the maximum extent. Our clients do take advantage of the corporate synergies based on experiences and business deals.


What would be your day to day activities:

Types of checks:

  • Selection of business opportunities to be verified based on certain criteria determined by the BidDesk organization (net value of the transaction; existence of several transactions issued on behalf of the same end customer in simultaneous and / or successive periods, transactions for internal use, transactions for groups of customer, etc.)
  • Verification of the final customer (open source & DnBi): field of activity, number of employees, turnover, financial information, active website, email addresses, telephone numbers, headquarters.
  • Business logic check: number of products versus end customer size, number of printers versus number of consumables ordered, etc.

History Check:

  • Other past audits and related results will be checked in Thoughtspot or any Channel Compliance case tracking platform.
  • Checking the orders of the final customer to the reseller
  • Verification of internal offer validity data (deal start date / deal end data, especially for end of quarter or fiscal year periods)
  • Telephone contact of the end customer in order to confirm the purchase of cleint products and especially in order to confirm his identity (Happy Call)

Case management:

  • Working with the program manager to evaluate the case and make decisions on how to proceed with the case (audit, initiation of control acquisitions, others)
  • Performs extensive controls on assigned cases and / or collaborates with audit experts from Channel Compliance in order to conclude cases
  • Performs the analysis of the main cause
  • Produces medium level financial analyzes
  • Ensures the appropriate documentation of the case, updates the database of Channel Compliance Global Tracker and will keep a log of all activities performed on the case and the documents obtained (record retention)
  • It will take all the actions and will make all the necessary steps to obtain the requested information in a short time.
  • Business issues:
  • When business problems or risks are identified in a particular case, they must be assessed and then a remedial plan must be formed to be presented to the appropriate Channel Compliance team, which will take appropriate control actions.


  • Ensures communication with the climbing parties, both from the beneficiary country and from the country of origin.
  • Ensures communication with all parties involved, at country level, on his case.
  • Actively follow the progress of the case, and send updates / communicate the next steps. Country-level interaction:
  • Presenting the case to the interested parties at country level, in order to remedy the case
  • Offers consultancy and counseling to the country, in terms of questions or concerns
  • Provides updates on the Gray Market field, to interested persons at country level

  • Very good Business English  - must
  • Economic studies - must
  • Excellent analytical skills to identify possible gray market-specific activities
  • The desire to go into details and to solve very complex problems
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Good understanding of internal processes and policies
  • Knowledge of, but also the ability to learn, client's internal systems, the company's pricing policy and the prices applied by the clients


  • Identify the causes and problems that may occur in business.
  • Ability to interact with members of the senior management, as well as with other people in the company or other business partners
  • Good interpersonal skills, oral and written skills
  • Describes complex cases in a simple way for stakeholders
  • Experience in working with a virtual team
  • Ability to interact with members of senior management, as well as with other people in the company or stakeholders


Why us?

Excellent learning opportunities! Variety in your work and a fantastic, informal work atmosphere.
A challenging environment that will stimulate you to grow as a professional!

A great foundation for your career!
Grow with us! Your role will develop over time, so you can increase your experience and responsibilities. So you can advance faster and further in your future career.

Friendly and welcoming work environment with an international working atmosphere where you can practice and learn new language skills with a diverse mix of colleagues and clients.

A dynamic work environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance-orientated.

A competitive salary, Additional Health Insurance, Ticket meals etc.