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Process Improvement Specialists

2023.03.09. | Bucharest | Romania
SwiconGroup is one of the leading members of the IT arena for almost a decade, since 2017 present also in Romania. Our wide range of services and highly trained professionals give us the opportunity to shape our solutions to fully meet the ideas and wishes of our clients. We are proud to have leading banks, insurance and telecommunication companies, as well as large FMCG corporations and SSCs amongst our highly prestigious partners.
  • Acting as a single point of contact for the partner, thus allowing the development of communication from the first step to the last step of the process: takes the details about the contracts won by the company and mediates the relationship between the company and the partner, so that the details necessary for the implementation of the contracts in its systems be correct, according to the given process
  • Knowing the process in detail, in order to support all the teams involved whenever needed.
  • Maintaining permanent (daily) communication with all parties involved in the receiving / handing over process, through the use of electronic mail and active involvement in recurring monitoring activities
  • Preparing the reports requested, with or without recurrence, by the higher management structures and providing an updated situation, at any time, in relation to the requests being processed/processed.
  • Participating in telephone discussions on certain topics of interest (documentation of non-standard processes, solving certain discrepancies related to documentation or process, etc.) or to provide consultancy; facilitates recurrent or ad hoc telephone conferences, in order to correctly inform all parties involved in the process
  • Fulfilling the operational objectives according to the documented process and ensuring the satisfaction of clients/partners through the constructive communication of common objectives;
  • Providing the necessary support for familiarization with internal processes/procedures and the training of newcomers to the team
  • Creating and updating training or process documentation whenever necessary and at the direct manager's request
  • Monitoring problem requests or special cases and reporting/escalating to higher level
  • Ensuring the application of partner's procedures and processes
  • Daily tracking of own activities and adding them to the system for adding and tracking contracts on a team-specific common platform, where there are changes (eg: responses received from partners regarding missing/incorrect/incomplete documents, etc.)
  • Validation of the correctness of the prices related to the products according to the signed contract, verification and management of exceptions in order to align with the work process according to the legal regulations of the assigned countries
  • The process improvement specialist is responsible for implementing the process of taking over and checking the documents and details specifically, through internal applications, for the contracts concluded with partners, contracts won by the company
  • It is the first point of contact for the partner and can work with process specialists (in the area of sales or business operations) to ensure the accuracy of the information transmitted to the partner and handed over to the contract to local administrators, in order to enter the details in the specific systems (ACDC / MFG / SAP)
  • This role requires increased attention in terms of legal procedures (compliance procedures) while making requests to operational teams
  • Regular HPI advantages
Employer's offer
  • Higher education graduate, preferably in the field of Accounting/Economics/Finance
  • Professional experience of 3-5 years in a similar field (customer operations, sales, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills (e.g. written, verbal, presentation). Mastery in English
  • Solid knowledge of PC – Microsoft package (especially Outlook and Excel)
  • Experience in the financial area / area attention to detail, including handling high volume of work in a clear and precise manner, in accordance with the processes and activities required of the position