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Sales and Operations Support

2024.02.06. | Bucharest | Romania

SwiconGroup is one of the leading members of the IT arena for almost 15 years, since 2017 present also in Romania. Our wide range of services and highly trained professionals give us the opportunity to shape our solutions to fully meet the ideas and wishes of our clients. We are proud to have leading banks, insurance and telecommunication companies, as well as large FMCG corporations and SSCs amongst our highly prestigious partners.


Fleet management related tasks: 

  • Bolt account management
  • Administration of mobile phones and subscriptions

Sales support tasks:

  • Recording new positions in the ATS in cooperation with sales
  • Upon request 
  • Validation of new requests with the hiring manager
  • In case of escalation -request from recruiters- follow-up with hiring managers on the sent CV’s status (ex. interview date, feedback after interview)
  • In case of demand (ex. from Sales, Sales Team Lead) the scheduling and organisation of meetings
  • Up-to-date and professional communication with clients by phone, email, and in person
  • Reporting on the performance of the sales team
  • Tracking and obtaining customer orders and approvals (ex. simple work order renewals/extensions, misc. invoice)
  • Debt management
  • Overdue invoices

Uploading new candidates to the Client's systems

  •  Administration of extensions and salary increases in the Client's systems and informing HR/finance about this

Contract management related tasks:

  • Full administration and storage of supplier contracts
  • Monitoring of expiration dates, renewals, amendments

Finance-related administration:

  • Storage and delivery of original incoming receipts to accounting
  • Administration of business-related supporting documents (in Romanian)
  • Minimum 2-year experience in similar positions
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple tasks
  • Ability to find new solutions and ideas
  • Ability to organize, coordinate and follow up on ongoing actions
  • Ability to cope with a few different projects at one time
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • English language knowledge
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel
Employer's offer
  • If we see results, we don’t mind not seeing you - Hybrid working
  • We love what you know, let’s make you know more - Excellent learning opportunities
  • We’ve seen The Office, and we’ve learned our lesson - Variety in your work and a fantastic, informal work atmosphere
  • The more, the merrier - Friendly and welcoming work environment. A dynamic work environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance-orientated
  • Always a step ahead of the others - Competitive salary and benefit package with private health insurance