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Cloud Network Security Engineer

2022.09.06. | Budapest | Tech
Our partner is a global leader in the banking sector which serves more than 200 million domestic, corporate, state and organizational clients worldwide. It was one of the first international shared service centers in Hungary, opening its doors in 2005, presently facilitating services for 95 countries on an international level.
  • ‘Hands-on’ networking experience & knowledge to understand complex Interconnected Global Networks (BGP, Cloud Network Architectures, Regions, VPC Peering, DirectConnects) and implementing network security products, but also be familiar with network and web-related protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, IPsec, HTTP, HTTPs) in a vendor independent approach.
  • ‘Hands-on’ AWS implementation experience across a broad range of AWS services, including scripting capability and the ability to develop AWS environments as code.
  • Security mindset: in-depth knowledge of network related security & industry standards, understanding risks & threat actors, ability to translate security requirements for network security controls & solutions.
  • Work with Network and Cloud teams (Architecture, Governance, SRE) to improve Network security in public Cloud. 
  • Develop and maintain network segmentation solutions in public cloud using SW technologies to provide Isolation techniques for interconnected cloud and on-prem architectures.
  • AWS platform architecture, including areas such as:  Organisations, Account Design, VPC, Subnet, segmentation strategies. 
  • Network and web-related protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, IPsec, HTTP, HTTPs).
  • Architectural analysis, threat modelling, risk analysis, during the planning phase.
  • Cloud native and managed messaging platforms to support the secured streaming, event-driven, and all other secure “data-in-transit” architectures.

Worked on & succeeded in previously some of the following goals:

  • Snowflake integration.
  • AWS Aurora PostgreSQL design.
  • MongoDB Atlas onboarding.
  • Execution of security-centric code review.
  • Database security reviews and threat modelling including dynamic testing, automated security testing validating database security controls.
  • Working with software Engineers to proactively identify and address security flaws and vulnerabilities while planning, coding and releasing software.
Employer's offer
  • Hybrid office and home office opportunities