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Crypto Developer

2021.05.26. | Budapest | Tech

The purpose of this role is to design, develop and engineer Cryptographic and PKI Systems alongside existing engineering team members fulfilling corporate requirements, policies and standards.
The candidate will take part in defining cryptographic standards, architectures, and governance, and help develop our partner’s next generation crypto ecosystem, a large scale enterprise security solutions using the latest advancements in cryptography and information security and advanced algorithms.
Cryptographic engineering, focused on cryptographic protocols and controls, including but not limited to, post-quantum cryptography, PKI solutions, and strategic vendor interaction.
The candidate’s responsibilities will also include working with advanced mathematical algorithms within PKI. The engineer will participant in digital certificate Middleware development focusing on certificate management automation projects at our partner's, including certificate automation for microservices, desktops, servers, windows/unix hosts, network security devices and other appliances.

  • The candidate's primary responsibility will be to research cryptographic protocols, develop crypto solutions at the enterprise level, which will include working on PKI architectures with a strong focus on certificate management automation.
  • The candidate must have experience with PKI and an good understanding of cryptography , including the principles related to PKI, private keys, encryption methods, CRL, and advanced key usages.
  • Work with all disciplines, engineers, and operational product owners to integrate PKI and certificate management related technologies with our partner's platforms to protect and manage the cryptography of mission critical systems.
  • Perform product evaluation, testing and certification of PKI and Crypto technologies. Ensure that all security products meet or exceed our partner's internal and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide occasional 4th level support for the product toolset.
  • Produce documentation of processes and procedures for the usage of the product.
  • Follow the Technology Development Life Cycle in the development of all security tools
  • Strong solid experience in cryptography, crypto protocols/algorithms and peripheral technologies is required.
  • Must be familiar with information security concepts, best practices and solutions.
  • Must have a strong development background
  • Experience with commercial Certificate Authority (CA) products and/or certificate management systems is a plus.
  • Working with Trust Providers is a plus.
  • Understanding of Microsoft Windows and Unix operating systems
  • Programming Experience in JAVA or C, and Python
  • Knowledge of Crypto Libraries (bouncy castle)
  • Sound security engineering principles as background to understanding the inner workings of the systems and controls that form an enterprise security ecosystem
  • Symmetric Key Encryption
  • Asymmetric Encryption
  • Experience with a variety of HSM platforms
  • Bachelor’s degree/University degree or equivalent experience
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Information Security Certification(s)

Employer's offer
  • New exciting opportunity to learn a very unique product that does not exist in Europe yet (Chinese)
  • Mix of labwork - home office